Online Courses - Parts A & B

Online Courses - Parts A & B

Part A and B Courses: Prerequisite Online Component Resources

Part A and B courses have mandatory prerequisite online components to attend either the three-day onsite courses or the Schoology fully Faculty-Guided Online Course.

Each component:

  • Is tablet and mobile friendly with an interactive blend of visuals, audio and video!

  • Includes scored testing requirements designed to ensure that all participants have achieved the learning objectives for the included modules before attending the onsite course or Schoology online.
  • Average time to complete: Approximately five (5) hours.


  1. Register early to allow plenty of time to complete this prerequisite work and take the test.

  2. Run our system test to ensure you have the necessary software.

  3. Proceed directly to the Prerequisite Online Component once you receive registration confirmation.

  4. Important! Once you are logged into the MIUSA website, click the “Quick Access Parts A/B Online” button to access the course and then click "Materials" tab to find these documents to download for the course:

    • Course Manual
    • McKenzie Assessment Forms
    • Case Study
    • Prerequisite Online Component Outline and Timeline

  5. Completion of all the prerequisite online modules and a score of at least 75 percent on the final test is required to attend onsite courses or access Schoology online. You will be notified of your score by email.


  • We recommend starting this prerequisite online component during weekdays when technical support is most readily available.
  • You do not have to complete all of the modules in one session.
  • The prerequisite online component begins with a pre-test to consider your baseline understanding of McKenzie concepts and terms. This is not graded.
  • After each module, you will take a short quiz to help you focus on key points. These are not graded; however, you will be provided feedback on incorrect answers to allow you to immediately go back and review material.

  • After the Case Study and its associated quiz, you must take a final overall test and receive a 75% grade to be allowed access into the onsite course or proceed to Schoology online.
  • It is considered open book testing. You will have in your possession the entire course manual that you downloaded from the Materials Tab to assist you.

  • As you proceed through the online modules, refer to the specific module in the course manual at that time, or read through the relevant module in the manual immediately before or after your work.
  • Write down any questions as they arise and bring them with you to give to your instructor at the start of the onsite course or during the Schoology sessions.
  • When you pass the final overall test, you will receive an immediate email verification of your final score to confirm the status of your admittance to the onsite or Schoology online course. You will be directed to a new screen confirming this and also providing a link to a short online evaluation form. Please take the time to complete it.
  • If you are not successful on the final test, you will be able to retake the test immediately and as many times as necessary to pass until the deadline of the Wednesday prior to the onsite or Schoology online course start date.
  • We encourage you to review the modules as often as needed before the onsite or Schoology online course, so you are ready to apply the concepts to clinical scenarios.
  • Only those who pass the test will be listed on the official registration sign-in list. Those not listed will not be allowed entry into the onsite course or Schoology online. There will be no exceptions.

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