Host A Course

Host A Course

Benefits of Hosting McKenzie Certification
Courses for Physical Therapy

The McKenzie Institute® is committed to the highest standard of education providing the best preparation in the application of McKenzie principles through our Program of Certification. To provide this post-graduate education service in targeted geographic locations nationwide that are time, travel and cost-efficient, we seek the assistance of a local cosponsor who is interested in building an on-going relationship with the Institute that is mutually beneficial.

Benefits of Cosponsorship:

  • Free or Reduced Course Tuition
  • Free McKenzie Products (OPTP)
  • Free Job Opp Advertising on our Website
  • Gain Patient Referrals from our Certified MDT Provider Online Referral Network

Each of the following is required to qualify as a Cosponsor Organization:
(The availability of these requirements necessary to host our courses will determine what portion(s) of the program can be held with your organization.)

  • A course venue (with an optimum learning environment)
  • Reasonable proximity to suitable lodging and airports
  • A variety of provisions to include A/V equipment and catering
  • A good volume of spine/extremity patients to draw from for patient demonstration
  • An on-site coordinator who has taken at least one McKenzie course

For more detailed information regarding cosponsorship, click here.