The MDT Clinical Integration Webinar Series

The MDT Clinical Integration Webinar Series

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Follow-up to "Taking a Timely History":
A great conversation arose on LinkedIn during the discussion after the webinar that we thought everyone would find beneficial regarding bowel and bladder changes. (Webinar time 15:17)  We discussed in the webinar how bladder retention is an important red flag. It can be a sign of Cauda Equina Syndrome and can indicate the need for an immediate referral back to the physician.  This is an urgent red flag because of the risk of long term bladder and bowel dysfunction. According to the research, bladder incontinence has also been shown to be a sign of cauda equina. So pay attention to any bladder changes.  Stress incontinence is such a common symptom, especially in women, so use your clinical judgement with the whole picture and ask clarifying questions about the onset of the incontinence, the ability to empty the bladder completely, onset of any saddle anesthesia, etc. When in doubt, always contact the patient's primary care provider. Cauda Equina Syndrome is a medical emergency, but extremely rare to show up in a physical therapist's office. Please use your professional judgment in cases such as these.  

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